Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring you my rooster?

We accept roosters and other livestock you can not keep.  We typically process them within 24 hours after arrival, and they become welcome and honored dinner guests. Call or email to confirm before you drop an animal, please!  Many people have included a donation to cover our time for processing.  We are happy to provide this service to you.

What food can I buy from you?

We sell eggs in a self-serve egg station year-round, and sell other produce by appointment or as part of our programs.  

Are you hiring?

We rarely look for additional help beyond our current staff.  If you have skills you think we need, let us know.  Coming to one of our household garden days is a great “job interview” to show us what you can do.  And just to have fun doing great work with great people!

What do you grow on your farm?

Everything we love to eat!  We aim for a full diet of year-round nutritious food.  Our main crop is not edible—it’s encouraging healthy, happy people of all ages.