Cookie is Coming

October 29, 2016

Here’s our BIG NEWS: we’re getting a cow!  Her name is Cookie.  I can hardly think or talk of anything else.  I am deeply in love with Cookie, even though she has yet to arrive at the farm, and I have only spent a few minutes actually touching her.  I am sure the fantasy will collide with the reality, but for now I spend some time every day preparing joyfully for her arrival. 


“I built you a whole empire for miniature goats, and now you want a cow?” says Daniel.


“Oh don’t worry, I still will use the goat pens and will keep the goats,” I reassure him.  He is not convinced spending another two hours a day milking is a good idea. 


“I’m not a fan of change,” he says.  Cattle have ruined many wild places in his beloved Montana, so he’s understandably unsure about bringing such a large and poopy mammal onto Hawthorn Farm.  I’m not deterred, just inspired to make this the best permaculture home dairy cow set-up I can imagine.


All my childless-38-year-old maternal energy is getting funneled into 1,200 pounds of placid cow.  When I tell this to Daniel he says, “Well, you should just have a child.”


“But I can’t have a child by November 1, and I can get a cow by then!” I reply.

  Here is a picture of Cookie at 7 days old.  She is now 2 years old, but come on!  This is irresistible!




“Will you treat me as nicely as you treat your cow?” Daniel says in a mock-plaintive voice, and I laugh until I gasp for breath because it hits at the truth.  Yesterday I consciously set aside my new cow books until I had cleaned up the kitchen and contributed to the household’s well-being, even making a big apple crisp (Daniel’s favorite dessert).  I do love novelty, but I can’t let that blind me to the importance of maintaining long-term relationships. 


“Just think, soon you will have food-challenge cream to pour on your apple crisp,” I say as I kiss the top of Daniel’s head.  We’ll see.

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