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Archery &
Nature Skills

Beyond archery fundamentals, including bow safety and instinctive shooting, we offer connective outdoor experiences for youth of all ages and genders. Our one-of-a-kind programs pair action-packed archery activities with fundamental nature skills like fire making, shelter building, plant and animal i.d., games & storytelling within a community of joyful learning. We help parents raise confident, nature-connected kids who can hit what they aim for. 


Girls' Archery
Nature Skills

Imagine your daughter bow in hand, confident in her own skills, able to make a fire, build a shelter, find her way in new places, and feel kinship with the the other beings of the earth; equally comfortable alone in the forest in the rain or laughing around a campfire with community. Our programs offer a natural balance point for girls navigating an increasingly technologically oriented, fast-paced, overly individualistic modern experience. Here at Hawthorn Farm girls touch ancestral human life skills, and find true friendship.

Boys' Archery
Nature Skills

Off the screen and into the forest! Real life adventures with archery and nature await! Imagine your smiling son, bow in hand, exploring the world of wild animals, mossy trees and singing creek; making fires and friends, building skills of perseverance, confidence and kindness with others. One archer, one day at a time, here at Hawthorn Farm we are launching arrows of hope into a healthy future for the masculine.

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Teens' Archery
Nature Skills

Whether they realize it or not, fundamental questions every teen needs to answer are: who am I? and where am I going? Head to the farm and forest where teens of all genders explore their inner and outer landscape with adventures in archery and nature skills. Bows and arrows, blindfolds, fire kits & silent sits, dirty knees and towering trees, campfire and community, we all need experiences, tools and companionship to help us discover who we are and what we are here to do with this one precious life.

Outdoors Archery Summer Camps 

The call of summer camp is freedom! Our unique summer camps offer archery and nature adventures on a working farm and wild forest. Safely using bows and arrows with variety of targets, playing exciting padded arrow games, exploring the creek in the dappled sunlight of the shady summer woods, playing games, and making friends; these are the ways kids rekindle the glow of childhood and live the magic of summer.

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