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Building &
Nature Skills

Hammers and nails, saws and speed squares, tape measures and tool benches; We employ simple tools to create complex capabilities. Students practice planning projects, develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination, and learn to get along well with other humans and the rest of the world. We offer small group experiences in carpentry along with time to explore wild nature, both in the context of a working homestead.


Boys' Building Skills 

A rich and balanced childhood incorporates learning with the hands and heart as well as with the mind and intellect. Building useful things and knowing how to safely and skillfully use the tools necessary to do so offers learners an inter-disciplinary confidence that's hard to replicate in modern schooling. The classroom here is farm and forest. These projects and tools offer a wholesome body-based learning necessary for full childhood development. Kids enjoy these classes 

because it's just fun to make stuff and be outside with friends.

Girls Farm Skills

Be a girl who knows how to feed a rabbit and check the oil in the truck. Be a girl who can hammer a nail and water seedlings. Be a girl who understands where her food comes from and how to harvest and share it. What would the world be like if every girl who wanted these skills could find them?

Programs for girls ages 6 and up, in spring and fall.

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