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Our Story

I (Alexia) moved to this land in 2003, when I had to crawl around to find even one earthworm casting in the mud of the overgrazed pasture.  Now whole kids can hide in the tall grass!  Over years of attending to the nutrient cycles, this landscape is ready to feed the resident people no matter how many legs or wings they have.  We have hosted a steady stream of housemates and apprentices over the years.  Their work has been integral in the beauty you see today. 

My beloved husband Daniel and I completed an entire year of eating hand-harvested food in 2017.  This adventure made it clear that the health of the land IS the health of our bodies.  There is no separation.  Knowing this, I got passionate about connecting people with their food.  Daniel’s skill in building, mentoring, and tidiness provided the spark to really get Hawthorn Farm off the ground.  We have grown naturally as a business as we look for ways to meet the needs of our community.

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