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  • Grow food that sustains you 

  • Our consulting is based on lived experience as well as significant research into soil health.  We get over 80% of our calories from our own plants and animals

  • We look for ways to save you time and money

  • $50/hour for phone consultation, $60/hour in-person

  • Practical, honest advice designing systems that work for you

  • Email to schedule

  • Get ready for a delicious future!


Horse-drawn Power Basics

  • Learn the basics of using draft ponies on a working farm

  • Duke and Alexia are experienced teachers.

  • Appreciate horses and history in new ways

  • 2-hour private session covering harnessing, hitching, and basic commands.  

  • Open to adults or youth with parent consent

  • $75 per class for up to 2 people at a time

  • Email to schedule

  • Get ready for a really fun post-petroleum future!


Animal Harvesting Classes

RABBIT PROCESSING 2022 dates TBD. 830 - noon. $100. Gain the experience and confidence you need to successfully butcher small game at home on your own. 5-person max for hands-on learning. Take home the animal you process!

CHICKEN HARVEST - Late winter/Spring 2022. Date TBD. Email to request a spot.


Home Fermenting & Sauerkraut

  • Celebrate and preserve home-grown harvests with fermenting

  • Receive freshly harvested Hawthorn Farm vegetables to make your own take-home ferment from start to finish

  • Taste our previously made seasonal ferments

  • Gain experience and recipes to successfully ferment at home

  • Various days throughout the autumn harvest; 9 am - 1 pm +/-

  • Open to all ages. Limited spots available for social distancing

  • $75 per class

  • email to register

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