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How We Can Help You

Do you like to eat? Laugh? Learn? You are in the right place.


Hawthorn Farm is a contemporary land-based subsistence farmstead. For the past decade, we've practiced hands-on skills to provide for as much of our own food, water, fire, and shelter as possible.  We work with respect for our neighbors, human and beyond.



We lead programs for youth & adults, and can craft custom experiences for your group or organization

Education is at the heart of our offerings.  At least three-quarters of the fun of having a farm is in sharing it with others. 


Your garden wants you there.  Get our 20-page seasonal journals to find out what's REALLY happening.  


No more wondering what garden advice applies to you...  You will know from your own experience.  Fill out one page a day or one page a week.  With space to write your notes on plants, water, sunlight, wildlife and more!  Each week has unique questions to stretch your awareness.  Fun, easy, and great to do on your own or with others.

Comes with a bonus garden planner!

We consult with folks setting up their own gardens and homesteads

Let us shorten your learning curve.  There’s no need for you to make the same mistakes we did when we were starting.  Have us out to your place for an on-the-ground visit, or consult via phone or Zoom.  It’s typical for us to save our clients much more than they spend on our consulting fee.  Whether you are starting with goats, chickens, or a garden, we would be delighted to help. $60 an hour, with a written follow-up of notes from our meeting.


We focus our presentation to teach a specific subject.  Our expertise includes:

-Year-round northwest gardening

-Goats, cheese, and the homestead dairy

-Chickens and ducks

-Homestead Rabbits 101

-Nature connection and bird language

-Naturalist skills

-Canning and preserving the harvest

-Sauerkraut and other fermented foods

-Fiber arts from sheep to shawl, including felting

Please book us well in advance for a custom program, at your location or ours! 


Our engaging presentations on homestead life can invigorate a garden club, college class, or church group.  If you eat, we want to share our story!  Whether for an hour or a day, we have slideshows and stories to present to your group.  Audiences are moved and inspired by our journey on Hawthorn Farm.

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