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Youth Programs

Our youth programs offer hands-on, heart-engaged, nature connection for ages 8 through 18


Nature Skills

Follow animal trails, meet the trees, and tell stories around the campfire.  Our protected forest is a natural playground with a creek running through it.  Time in a wild settings balances the nervous system, especially when we emphasize connecting with nature and community in a fun, safe and healthy way.


Farm Skills

Kids love hands-on skills!  We draw on their passions for planting seeds, building, tinkering, caring for creatures, and playing games. We all learn confidence, respect, and responsibility through Farm work. Making beautiful things helps develop individual  creativity and motor skills.

flynn the archer.jpg


Archery is an ancient skill still significant for our modern context.  Focus, honor, and dedication develop as we hone the ability to reach what we aim for. We have epic fun playing shooting games.  Padded arrows are an incredible way to learn instinctive archery and quicken our reflexes.

Adult Programs


Nowadays, you can graduate from college without knowing the basics of staying alive. We teach hands-on, heart-connected skills for the homestead and community. 

  • Preparing, planting, and tending the nutrient-dense garden

  • Raising and processing chickens, rabbits, turkeys, goats and sheep

  • Saving the harvest: fermentation, canning, drying, and more

  • Herbal nutrition and medicine from the backyard and beyond

  • Living the permaculture design process

  • Community-building, peacemaking and cultural competence

Family Programs

Family Programs


Join our seasonal events for all ages and stages. Experience hands-on ancient and modern skills, and meet other healthy happy families in a loving, learning community.

Special Programs


Field Trips and  Birthday Parties

Share in the beauty of the farm and forest during your own group visit.  Schools, home-school groups, and families can custom design a fun and educational visit. Choose archery, nature connection and farm animal encounters, or create your own. Please contact us for current rates and availability.


Community Nights

We also offer free community nights, for all ages, once a month.  These nights are a great time to share food, meet other interesting people, and come for a farm visit. Check our  calendar, or sign up for our most recent newsletter for the date of this month's Community Council.

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