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Cookie is Coming

Here’s our BIG NEWS: we’re getting a cow! Her name is Cookie. I can hardly think or talk of anything else. I am deeply in love with Cookie, even though she has yet to arrive at the farm, and I have only spent a few minutes actually touching her. I am sure the fantasy will collide with the reality, but for now I spend some time every day preparing joyfully for her arrival. “I built you a whole empire for miniature goats, and now you want a cow?” says Daniel. “Oh don’t worry, I still will use the goat pens and will keep the goats,” I reassure him. He is not convinced spending another two hours a day milking is a good idea. “I’m not a fan of change,” he says. Cattle have ruined many wild

Kelp! I Need Somebody...

I just got back from a trip our to Lopez Island, a bucolic stop on the ferry ride around the archipelago off the coast of northern Washington. My friend Saskia spends time out there with her family, and she’s pretty much the fairy godmother of the food challenge. “Here,” she says as I walk in the door of the cabin. “I made some salt for you.” She has carefully evaporated salt water to make a fine-grained delicious salt. It’s vastly better than the gray metallic-tasting stuff I make on the propane stove at home. The secret is to evaporate the water slowly, on the woodstove instead of boiling gallons so fast on the propane stove outside that the metal on the bottom of the pot warps. I ha

The Food Challenge gets ready

Basically, my beloved Daniel and I are planning to spend all of 2017 eating only what we or friends have gathered by hand. No packaging, no trips to the store, just pure story-filled food. Already we have spent at least two weeks every month in 2016 eating this way. Earlier this spring it really hit me that everything we grow in 2016 is what will feed us in the first half of 2017. Yikes! And now, finally, I have hit a psychological tipping point where it feels like we have enough. Even if didn't bring another bite of food onto the property, we would not starve. Here are pictures of some of our supplies. What do you think?




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