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Steam Punk Hoophouse

Or is it Steam Gunk? Our compost-heated hoophouse is visibly warmer than the spring morning air. I love messing about in the mists of microbe metabolism. Nothing like a giant pile of pony manure to keep this place warm enough for tomato seedlings.

Farming, Finances, Freedom

Along with soil and goat milking, I think about property taxes. Should I ask the county for help in preserving this place as farmland? I'll happily take a reduction in property value if it means I can keep farming. I want to stay on this land, making more and more good food available to everyone. The day may come when food within walking distance is more important than a three-car garage. As Wendell Berry has pointed out, it's hard to be free when people you don't know provide your necessities. For now, I rent farmland. But I want to afford ground near me, where I don't have to truck the ponies to work. My situation doesn't make much sense financially, selling produce on expensive subu

Love, Pain, and a Five-sweep Cultivator

Pony-powered farm update: During the last sunny stretch, the team pulled my new cultivator at the rented farmland. Duke and Dolly were rockstars, leaning into their collars every time I asked. The next day the ponies were SORE. Swellings on their necks where poorly fit collars rubbed them. Less sparkle in their eyes. I iced their shoulders in apology and took a rubber mallet to the collars, trying to make them fit better. I also ordered new collars right away (“I guess I tend to throw a credit card at a problem,” I told Mindy at Chimacum Tack). Will the better-fitting collars come before I need to do the next time-sensitive installment of field work? If not, I’ll need to find a high sc

Chicken Milk Soap!

Years ago, Paul Wheaton of asked if he could film my chicken butchering process. Little did I know this video would propel me to my 15 minutes of fame. The video currently has over a million views. Paul has to sweep through the comments section regularly to remove the creepy marriage proposals and death threats. This fame's only tangible benefit came recently, when I got an email from Terri Steiner of Elzire's Acre. She had just processed 9 old hens with help from the video, and was so grateful she wanted to send soap to everyone on the farm. A fragrant box of goat milk soap arrived a few days later. With natural essential oils and milk from Terri's own goats, it's my new f




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