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Caught Up... To What?

A rainy day kept me inside in front of the computer. I got a lot done. I felt a little bit caught up. I emerged into the sunset when the sun broke through the clouds, and I went to go feed the horses. I bumbled across the lumpy pasture, still staring at my phone. Then I looked up and saw the peach-fringed cumulus clouds. I saw emerald cones on the spires of Douglas-fir trees. A crescent moon shone in the sky. I think I actually spent a day catching up to the wrong goal. Do you feel caught up? How do you know?

Somebody Get This Man A Farmwife

I visited a client's home to help him plan a self-sufficient homestead. He wants to "close the gates and live inside for a year." This is rarely a realistic goal, but as Kevin and I turned down the driveway, I saw barns, ponds, and gardens surrounding great big houses and shops and auxiliary dwellings. "This might actually work!" I told Kevin. Over the next few hours walking the property, I could see the place brimming with potential and the owner brimming with excitement. He had big dreams, but I had to level with him, because I want him to succeed and eat well. "Listen, what you want to do here needs a tremendous amount of hand work and time, especially at the current low level of land fer




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