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They're Cheap to Feed

Jenn's packing peanut artwork. That's pretty much what my hair looks like, most days.

What Are You Willing to Risk?

"A false sense of security is the only kind there is." Local bard David Whyte said this, and it knocked a dent in my if I'm good everything will be all right mentality. Here is some of the week's risky business. I canned peaches and apricots. Lifting 30-pound canning pots filled with boiling water and glass jars, the delicious it-might-explode-whew-it-didn't emotional arc. When I pulled the apricot jam out of the boiling water, one jar hadn't sealed. Sometimes the jars seal up just fine in a few hours, but I didn't want to take that chance. I pulled the lid off right away and ate warm jam with vanilla ice cream. This is perhaps its own kind of health risk. Higher stakes happened when gi

The Business of Being Truly Helpful

Through the work of many hands, hearts, hooves, and rootlets, this farm is looking pretty good. We have tall rows of raspberries, we have archery targets of golden straw. We have a kid-magnet maple tree complete with nets and ladders. We have a miniature horse, for crying out loud. Let's not even get into the baby bunnies. But we may be the victims of our own success. I'm nervous about sounding rude here. Please, you people who visit the farm, keep coming. I am usually delighted to share the farm with visitors. I am also working my tail off to just keep it running, and I am slowly giving myself the respect I deserve by (as gracefully as possible) putting random unexpected visitors to

Hi-Tech Hawthorn

Some of my horse-drawn equipment was manufactured more recently than my cell phone. But still, Hawthorn Farm embraces the latest technology! Logging On 5G Bluetooth Capability We're eating blueberries, in case you couldn't tell.




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