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Thank You, Problems

Well, another week of not wanting to trade my problems for anyone else's. Here's the rundown of calamities I faced. I finally catch the mouse in the pantry. It turns out to be a three-legged mouse with no tail, and I almost think I should have given it the run of the place for the rest of its life. Duke the pony has his senior citizen wander-the-farm-for-free pass revoked when he discovers a bucket of rabbit food, knocks it over, and eats an indeterminate amount. Fortunately he only suffers a mild case of indigestion. The ducks won't go into their pen in the evening. Why? Because they have spent the day feasting on low-hanging organic raspberries. I can't tempt them with my fermented d

Context is Everything

Here's a list of phrases heard around the farm. And a list of who said them. Can you match them? "Every disc plow comes with a player piano" "Ducks care about justice." "I didn't think I was going to bake a sea turtle." "It's like, so rude to yell at an owl." "I put them in ice cube trays so you wouldn't have to eat a big block of frozen testicles." And now, the possible contexts: Quinn splits the whey between two pots of duck food. Alexia tries to fit a giant squash into the oven. T-bone sets us up for success after a day of processing roosters. Daniel's day gets interrupted. Jeff remarks on how generous our neighbors are. Pumpkin approves of this blog post, but thinks there should be mor




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