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Cuckoo for Cocoa

“Not all plants have your best interests at heart,” I remind myself as I snap off a piece of the chocolate bars in the freezer. Senia brought us a bag from the Theo chocolate dumpster. Dark chocolate with coconut and salted peanuts, bits of toffee encased in bittersweet goodness—I long for that hit of sugar and theobromine. Saskia said we should keep an eye out for a package from her and open it right away. Since Saskia’s correspondence is liable to be delicious, I was happy to see a package in our mailbox. The only trouble was that the box was essentially the same size as the mailbox itself, and I had to claw it out an inch at a time. I must be out of shape if I work up a sweat getting

Talking Turkey

"Where's that gobbling coming from?" I walked out of our bedroom scratching my head. The farm's new tom turkeys have added a new element to the farm soundtrack. When I heard the claws and stomping, I looked up to see the smaller tom on the porch roof, displaying vigorously for his reflection in the upper windows. The turkey was also adding fertilizer to our roof. And tracking it back in forth. I didn't quite clean it up before the rain washed it all into Daniel's porch-side bathtub. So I cleaned the bathtub too. That night I caught this fellow (the turkey, not Daniel) and tucked him into the hoophouse with our capons. Now he can strut his stuff in front of them. No one is entirely ha

A Very Bad Hare Day

Linn had somehow found me online, and decided I would be a suitable owner for a rabbit named Murphy. I talked to Daniel about this. “Someone wants to give us a fluffy rabbit with one testicle,” I said. You can’t make this stuff up. I didn’t know anything else about Murphy until Linn handed him to me. A pedigreed English Angora, Murphy had the run of the house before we got him, but he seemed very happy indeed to settle into a cage between two lady rabbits. He has also been happy to put that testicle to use with them, and I have slowly carved away his matted fur so that his next coat can be easy to spin. “That rabbit is like a silly floofy lapdog,” Daniel will say with a roll of his eyes.




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