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Talking Turkey

"Where's that gobbling coming from?" I walked out of our bedroom scratching my head.

The farm's new tom turkeys have added a new element to the farm soundtrack. When I heard the claws and stomping, I looked up to see the smaller tom on the porch roof, displaying vigorously for his reflection in the upper windows.

The turkey was also adding fertilizer to our roof. And tracking it back in forth. I didn't quite clean it up before the rain washed it all into Daniel's porch-side bathtub. So I cleaned the bathtub too. That night I caught this fellow (the turkey, not Daniel) and tucked him into the hoophouse with our capons. Now he can strut his stuff in front of them. No one is entirely happy with that arrangement, but at least the bath water is cleaner.

He drums and gobbles back and forth with the neighboring tom and hens...

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