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A Very Bad Hare Day

Linn had somehow found me online, and decided I would be a suitable owner for a rabbit named Murphy.

I talked to Daniel about this. “Someone wants to give us a fluffy rabbit with one testicle,” I said. You can’t make this stuff up. I didn’t know anything else about Murphy until Linn handed him to me.

A pedigreed English Angora, Murphy had the run of the house before we got him, but he seemed very happy indeed to settle into a cage between two lady rabbits. He has also been happy to put that testicle to use with them, and I have slowly carved away his matted fur so that his next coat can be easy to spin.

“That rabbit is like a silly floofy lapdog,” Daniel will say with a roll of his eyes. He’ll also reach out to scratch Murphy’s soft ears and say, “Mr. Murphy, little fluffers.” Thanks, Linn!

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