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Context is Everything

Here's a list of phrases heard around the farm. And a list of who said them. Can you match them?

"Every disc plow comes with a player piano"

"Ducks care about justice."

"I didn't think I was going to bake a sea turtle."

"It's like, so rude to yell at an owl."

"I put them in ice cube trays so you wouldn't have to eat a big block of frozen testicles."


And now, the possible contexts:

Quinn splits the whey between two pots of duck food.

Alexia tries to fit a giant squash into the oven.

T-bone sets us up for success after a day of processing roosters.

Daniel's day gets interrupted.

Jeff remarks on how generous our neighbors are.

Pumpkin approves of this blog post, but thinks there should be more goat quotes. Maybe next time, Pumpkin.

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