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Farming, Finances, Freedom

Along with soil and goat milking, I think about property taxes. Should I ask the county for help in preserving this place as farmland? I'll happily take a reduction in property value if it means I can keep farming.

I want to stay on this land, making more and more good food available to everyone. The day may come when food within walking distance is more important than a three-car garage. As Wendell Berry has pointed out, it's hard to be free when people you don't know provide your necessities. For now, I rent farmland. But I want to afford ground near me, where I don't have to truck the ponies to work.

The ponies show me and Martin how it's done out at the rented farmland

My situation doesn't make much sense financially, selling produce on expensive suburban land. I'm going to keep doing it because it makes sense in my heart. People's pocketbooks may agree with me or not. Food is valuable. Just try going without it and see if you agree. Now if only I could pay my property taxes with zucchini.

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