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Hands Off My Tastebuds

Daniel and I went to our local grocery store for a pre-Food Challenge extravagance just before New Years. Slightly hungry, and shopping for the Seattle Global Peace Dance snack table, we splurged on some personal treats. I was eating my donut before we left the parking lot.

Brushing sprinkles from my face, I said, “I will reclaim my tastebuds from you, Industrial Sugar!”

Without added sugar in my diet, a carrot or a glass of milk tastes incredibly sweet. It’s a process of calibrating the ol’ tastebuds to what’s available, and not letting them be swayed by the fat, salt, and sugar added to so much commercial food.

Farewell to chips, sunflower seeds, chocolate bars, beer, kombucha, black tea, and all the other entertaining foods from far away. We’ll see you again in 2018!

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