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The Sad Fate of Winter Salads

Our winter greens are… virtually non-existent. The transplanted kale is hanging in there, but rats in the big greenhouse have developed a taste for micro-greens. Nibbling up our heirloom lettuces and arugula, they were making themselves right at home. I trapped a few, but that was small potatoes.

Aha! There’s a permaculture principle about letting animals do the work they are suited for. Cats are suited for eating rodents. So I left the greenhouse door open for Twinkletoes to come and go as she pleased.

Well, she did come. The greenhouse is a great place to hunt rats on a rainy night. Full of loose, dry soil, it’s also a great place for a cat to… go. Now my remaining lettuces are garnished with Twinkletoes turds. It’s back to trapping, I guess.

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