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So Happy to Clam Up

Senia and Lucas went out to the coast to forage. They came back with their limit of clams—40 apiece. They also had the bright-eyed glow of people who have spent the day enjoying the beach.

“Look at this!” said Senia. “A sculpin!”

Lucas showed off the bag of oysters they had shelled on the beach—it’s illegal to bring the shells home.

The best was yet to come. Senia and Lucas generously shared their clams, ambrosia to my sea-starved palate. (Mike and Ori have given us some clams too, but those are still in the freezer awaiting a special occasion. These clams were on the hoof and ready to go.)

Garlic butter, popcorn, and a bucket of steamed clams. This inspires me to take a winter clamming trip to the coast—maybe a house field trip followed by a clam feed!

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