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We Have Some Cute Buns

After Hen’s bunnies died, and Honey’s kid was stillborn, I moped around, bereft of babies.

“People only come here because of the animals,” noted Daniel. He’s right. The Garden and Carpentry kids were all disappointed that there were neither goats nor bunnies to cuddle. With no plans to breed goats in the near future, and not even any chicks or ducklings to look forward to, it felt like a very lonely grown-up spring.

Then our neighbors Mary and Craig stopped by. Mary mentioned she was selling her rabbits.

“Wait, did you say you put them up for sale?” I asked.

“Yesterday,” she replied.

“We’ll take them,” I said firmly.

Twenty minutes later, as Senia and I hitched up the trailer to pick up the big hutch and 16 rabbits, I confessed my uncertainty. (For the record, Senia was in full support of the rabbit plan.)

“Daniel has been saying he wants rabbits, but I don’t know if he’ll approve of these. Is this just a crazy plan brought on by a cuteness deficiency?”

A few days later, when I talked with Daniel on the phone, I asked him again if he thought that getting rabbits was a good idea. “Mary has some for sale, you know,” I said slyly.

“Sure, go ahead and get them,” he replied with his usual good nature.

After talking about other farm business, I told him I had a confession to make.

“You know Mary’s rabbits? Well, I already bought them.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that at first?”

“I guess I just wanted to reassure myself that you thought it was a good idea.”

I could practically hear Daniel shaking his head on the phone. “You certainly don’t need my help or permission to get into animal trouble,” he said.

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