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Deprivation Sweetens Meal

Daniel has come home from three weeks away, and I just got back from my three-day fast at Ekone Ranch. We were ready for some deliciousness. Fortunately we had just the thing—Jen gave us some salmon her grandfather had caught. Anytime you need us to babysit again, Jen, just let us know! I took a picture of the meal on the table, but Daniel wanted to present it on a plate. Doesn't it look mouthwatering?

Broiled salmon with lemon butter, steamed kale, and the summer’s first snap peas and strawberries. I could have cried eating those berries. We haven’t had fresh fruit (besides our admittedly abundant but astringent wild salmonberries) since last fall. My tongue was ready for the nuances and perfumes of a fresh strawberry. Daniel and I are glad to be home again.

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