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February News


Winter pares away the farm's non-essentials. Do we really need every roll of chicken wire? That cracked rain barrel? Spring cleaning makes way for fresh dreams. Previous experience suggests that summer will take more time and energy than we can imagine right now. Along those lines, I'm happy to give some maple taps and tubing to anyone who wants to tap their local trees. I've got 15 taps and 50 feet of tubing, and would love to see us getting sweets from our trees instead of shipping sugar around the world. My trip to Guyana included a hard look at the history of the sugar industry, and I didn't like it. This cold weather is a perfect chance to try some tapping! Honey the goat is also for sale. Oh, Honey. Such a sweet little goaty, always the runt, now full of goat kids. She'll go with at least one of her kids so that she has a friend. I'm tired of seeing her get beaten up by our other goats. She deserves a home among good-natured peers, not evil stepsisters. I had to separate her from the others because they were ramming her in the belly. NOT NICE for a very pregnant lady.

Baby goats are big news, though we can't count them before they hatch. Due Feb 21, 24, March 4 and 5. Send me an email if you want a text alert when anyone goes into labor. Seeing goats emerge from other goats is one of the big weird mysteries of the world. Or you can join the steady stream of visitors during baby goat season. Our vision is "Hawthorn Heals the Heart," and you have to admit that baby goats are excellent heart-softeners.

The picture is of last year's kids. Get ready for another wave of cuteness.

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