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Who Gets Voted Off The Island?

One of my greatest frustrations is against my own human limitations. Jenn in Hawaii patiently listens to my over-the-phone complaints. "But I am grateful for my problems," I conclude. "I wouldn't trade them for anyone else's." Truly, my main dilemmas seem to be about having too many wonderful things to do.

How many hours in a day? Days in a life? Life is too short for clutter, says Daniel. And if we add something new to the farm, then something has to go...

I've spent the morning trying to sell dear friends. My old milking machine, a lively flock of heritage turkeys, and sweet Honey the goat. These are all projects I said YES to. Now it's time to say NO. Or rather, YES to a life that has room for some new projects. Which dreams are covered in stale cobwebs? Out they go. No offense, Honey.

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