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Down With Petrol, Up With Ponies

"Never pay for ponies," says Dr. Laura as she gets back into her truck. My sensible vet sees neglected backyard ponies all around the area. "If you just keep your eye out, the right ponies will come along."

There is no shortage of backyard ponies and donkeys. But well-trained teams to pull a cart and farm implements... I spotted a team on Craigslist and got in touch with the seller. Craig grew up with draft horses, then switched to driving Shetland ponies instead. "Just as much fun, a lot less feed," he explained as we hitched up the team for sale.

I felt nervous. Was I really going to take on a pony team? I agonized about it for days. I wanted Daniel's enthusiastic approval. Daniel was supportive, but also pointed out that we are really not set up to have ponies here.

Finally I said, "I might be making a big mistake, but gosh darn it I want some ponies."

Duke and Dolly are 51 inches tall at the shoulder, full brother and sister from Iowa. We'll see if we can really pull off this pony power thing.

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