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Adventures in Rural Hair Care

How about NOT buying plastic bottles of shampoo? Even in bulk, the practice was bothering me. Eggs are emulsifiers, right? My fine, curly hair likes emulsifiers. Like a gentle conditioner, the fats of an egg yolk remove grime without stripping oils from hair. In theory.

In practice, I had a big lesson to learn. Namely, don't rinse your hair with very hot water or you wind up with a scalp full of scrambled eggs. The yolk was on me, so to speak.

Now, with more moderate temperatures, I'm happily using the occasional cracked or otherwise unsalable egg to wash my hair. I'm not usually one to boast about beauty products, but it is very satisfying to toss an eggshell in the compost rather than figure out what to do with another empty plastic jug.

The pen of pesonal conditioners

"Hello, we're your personal hair care providers. Welcome to the Hawthorn Salon."

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