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Farm Girl Goes Wild

Daniel and I have taken a mountain trip together every year since 2011. We backpacked on our first trips. Then we went out from a basecamp with only the clothes we wore. Then we made our own clothes from wool and buckskin.

So far, we've survived. In fact, the adventures have helped me live more. I remember building a shelter from fir boughs at high elevation. Come to think of it, I really DO want to stay alive. Without choosing to make a shelter, I probably wouldn't make it through the night.

The farm is a comfortable, regenerative place. I love the running water, the washing machine, the hoses and books. I love them all the more because I have chosen time away from these comforts.

2019 was the first year we haven't taken a trip together. The fall seemed too full of responsibilities, the farmily too new to take over while we left. I miss our mountain story. We may have to take a trip in the spring. What do you think?

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